Q & A Session

The Q & A session will be updated regularly with information about medical and emergency provided by specialists in emergency medical care.

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I had persistent excruciating menstrual cramps and pain in the lower abdomen during my menstruation period. Do I have endometriosis?
Dr Wu Wing Yee, Clara
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My husband’s face would turn red after drinking. Is he prone to alcoholism?
Dr Lo Wing Kee
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I had diarrhea after having seafood last night. Did I have food poisoning or gastroenteritis?
Dr Chung Wing Sze
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My 5-year-old sun got itchy rashes on his tummy, does he have eczema?
Dr Lee Ka Hing
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I’ve been coughing for a week without wheezing. Do I have a hyperactive airway or asthma?
Dr Cheung Chin Pang
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My daughter’s oral and tympanic temperature were both at 37.5°C. Was she having a fever?
Dr Ho Kin Kei
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How to distinguish between cold and rhinitis?
Dr Yue Yiu Man
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Does sweating help children fully recover from high fever?
Dr Wu Wing Yee, Clara
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Do I have sleep apnea?
Dr Chan Alfred
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If I have chest pain, is it necessary to seek for medical help immediately?
Dr Yan Ka Lok
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What to do if there is an ocular invasion of foreign objects?
Dr Chan Ka Moon
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Is bloody stool a sign of colorectal cancer?
Dr Chu Kwok Keung
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Do only elderly people have stroke?
Dr Lee Ka Lok
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Can toothpastes relieve pain from skin burning?
Dr Lee Ka Hing
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Is it useful to put on an ice patch to stop nose bleeding?
Dr Cheung Chin Pang
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